This Original felt piece 'Goodnight Moon, Goodnight Stars' is now sold. 


The vast majority of wool used was organic wool dyed from plants and flowers, giving beautiful harmonious colours directly from nature. 


I also used a small amount of non-mulesed merino wool to add depth and richness to the piece.  


Colour deeply effects and influences our emotions and so it was important to me that I used naturally derived colours sourced from our environment. 


I have sewed around certain elements in the piece to add definition.


Custom Framing


The orginal felt pieces require custom framing.  I am able to get it framed in a colour of your choosing by using a local framer.  Please message me directly if you wish to have an original framed.  Depending on the size of the original this can range from £27 - £37.  Shipping costs will be added to accomodate the extra weight and size.  

Goodnight Moon, Goodnight Stars - SOLD

  • ETHICALLY SOURCED WOOL - The majority of the wool that I use is organic 'Fairy Wool' from Germany and dyed from plants and flowers.  I have recently located a more local place in England using the same wool dying processes using British sheep.
    The colours of merino wool that I used (a couple of greens and a couple of browns) is from non-mulesed sheep.


    COTTON - my late aunt had a great love of home making and she left me a wooden chest of loads of cotton and all sorts and so the cotton is effectively being recycled for good use!


    RECYCLED PACKAGING - All packaging is recycled and biodegradable.