The prints are UNFRAMED.  Individual print & frame measurements are listed in each product description. Here are a couple of framing & mounting options that you can do;


If you are LOCAL you are welcome to collect a framed print from myself.




Frame size 30cm x 40cm / £25

Frame size 50cm x 50cm / £35

(this can vary depending on who you see)



Small prints

Wood or white frame - RIBBA / £6 / 30cm x 40cm.  

Bigger prints

Wood or white frame - RIBBA / £12 / 50cm X 50cm


  • Cut the IKEA mount (VERY CAREFULLY!) with a craft knife or stanley knife. You only have one shot at it & it might go wrong, so be prepared!  Mind your fingers the mount edges are sharp!!  


  • STICK - using masking/washi tape ONLY onto the back of the print and place over the top of the existing picture mount or remove mount altogether and place print over existing backing paper,


Google 'picture mounts' & purchase a pre-cut picture mount online, enter the measurements, & they will do it for you & post it to you.


Or get a mount cut from your local framing shop (£5/£7)


'Rabbits, Sunshine & Rainbows' fits perfectly into an IKEA 30cm x 40cm RIBBA frame & its existing mount.


'A Small White Owl' (small print) needs a completely new mount as the IKEA mount is too big. 



***Please message me if you have any framing queries***