Vicky Hawley Felt Artist

My Motivation and Inspiration 

I wanted to create beautiful pictures that both adults and children could enjoy.  To be surrounded by beautiful art and colours in our homes, invites us to connect with our emotions, to inspire, ignite our imagination and lift our spirits, as well as nourish us.  Alongside this, I wanted to share simple story poems that I have written along the way, to convey a moral and meaningful message for children and adults alike.

The pictures are inspired by nature, living in beautiful Devon and by the story poems that I write.  I am also a mum and my daughter is a constant source of inspiration. 

Each original felt picture has taken about 30 hours to make.  

The Seed That Started It All

During college and University I studied Art, colour and various traditional crafts and during my degree I completed an OCN Level 3 in 'From Fleece to Felt.'  It had a profound effect on me and I loved it so much I did it twice! 

It involved working through the whole felting processes: starting with raw wool taken from their local sheep, carding, learning how to dye it using plants and flowers from their garden and then moving onto felting balls, flat pieces and progressing onto items like gloves and slippers.

The course's aim was to educate participants on learning a craft from the source, following and experiencing the processes through to a final creative piece.  This was all woven around creating something natural and beautiful. 

This then evolved into me teaching myself to dry needle felt and sewing into the piece as I was drawn to capturing more detailed pieces.   

Why Wool? 

I am drawn to the medium of wool because I feel wool is heart warming, cosy, nurturing and beautiful to work with as well as being visually beautiful.  It is very gentle on the senses and when it is dyed using plants and flowers, the colours are rich and vibrant and work in complete harmony. 

I source the wool from two amazing sites, 'Myriad Natural Toys and Crafts' and 'Conscious Crafts'.  I am currently researching local sheep and local organic dyers. 

I love the idea of dying local sheep wool myself using flowers and plants, which I hope to do one day and when I can actually grow something in my garden other than grass!

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